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Product Line Details


Color Enhancer is a unique wipe on coating that minimizes paint damage such as clear coat scratches and road rash. Fills in minor scratches and other damage. Apply to any color paint. With UV-blocking protection.


ColorNu is a wipe on coating for restoring faded plastic trim parts. ColorNu works well for all weathered and all color plastics. With UV-blocking protection to protect from fading.





ColorNu restores tough faded textured plastics to like new condition.Apply to door handles, mirror housings, bumpers and other trim parts. Can be applied to all color plastic that has lost it's sheen and color.ColorNu is a permanent product. Will not wash away.Restore your plastic with our ultimate ColorNu for a brand new look.



Color Enhancer repairs or minimizes minor damage in clear coat. For use on damage that has not gone through the base coat such as fine scratches, pits, or other small abrasions. Scratches will be minimized, eliminating the need for buffing away clear coat. Reduce the chance of buffing through clear coat on deep scratches by using less than normal buffing and then applying Color Enhancer.


Available Products

COLOR ENHANCER - Wipe-on Restorative Coating 
Minimize scratches: Fills in minor scratches and other damage.
Restore plastics: Simple to use, wipe on surface with a lint free cloth. Allow to cure.

  • Dries hard to the touch, will not wash away.
  • Beads water & protects with automotive grade UV blockers to keep paint repair like new.
  • One 16oz bottle repairs hundreds of square feet of plastic.

Available in: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 1 Gallon (4 individual quarts)

COLOR ENHANCER SHINER- Color Enhancer Shiner Agent

  • Removes excess Color Enhancer.
  • Adds luster and gloss to vehicle finish.
  • Provides extra protection.
  • Great for large jobs.

Available in: 16oz, 32oz, 1 Gallon


COLORNU- Wipe-On Plastic Restorative Coating

Restore plastics:Renew color and sheen while leaving behind UV blocking protection.

  • ColorNu penetrates deep into the plastic adding rejuvenating polymers for a gloss finish. Cures to a cross-linked coating on the surface for longer protection.
  • Color Nu makes it easy to restore severe faded damage to a high gloss finish with a single application.
  • Easy to use, wipe-on formula.

Available in: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 1 Gallon (4 individual quarts)


PLASTIC PREP CLEANER - Plastic Trim Pre-Cleaner and Bonding Agent

 Cleans Plastic Trim.

  • Use prior to applying Color Enhancer or ColorNu for a stronger coating bonding.
  • Simple use, apply to cloth, rub clean and rinse.

Available in: 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 1 Gallon


How It Works


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Two processes take effect after application.

1. Rejuvenating additives penetrate into the plastic and polymerize to fill dry pores caused by weathering.

2. A protective coating with UV blockers cures on the surface. The coating beads rain, protects against fading and is not a temporary film that washes away. Depending on climate and care Color Enhancer can last up to 2 years or longer.


As shown below in the cross section of a car’s painted surface, the inside of a scratch is rough and appears white as most of the light spectrum is reflected back as white light. Color Enhancer penetrates into the scratch allowing the light to reach the base coat pigments and reflect back the true color.


How To Apply

Additional Items you may need: T-shirt rags, detail brush, paper cups, car duster.


Apply to clean surfaces. For the best bond Prep with Dvelup’s Plastic Prep-Cleaner
1. Fold up a small lint-free paper towel or a small piece of microfiber towel into a small square.
2. Wipe on as evenly as possible.
3. If necessary after a partial cure, lightly wipe back over with a folded flat t-shirt cloth moistened with water.

NOTE: Refer to Color Enhancer Instruction Sheet for full details before using.


1. Briefly clean damage with a microfiber and lacquer thinner using light pressure.
2. Rub or dab Color Enhancer into the damage and allow a partial cure.
3. After several minutes very lightly wipe with a flat folded microfiber in an X pattern. The surface should appear shiny at all angles with no haze or smearing.

NOTE: For large jobs, use Color Enhancer Shiner to make excess removal easier. Refer to Color Enhancer Instruction Sheet for full details before using.


Use In Business


You may notice faded plastics in your everyday travels. Carry fliers and business cards to leave on the car with an estimate written on the back. This will save time in making appointments for estimates. Color Enhancer also works great for those offering chip and scratch touch-up services, thereby also repairing deep damage with improved end results. Be cautious about leaving estimates for retail or individual scratches, the car owner may not yet know it is there and be suspicious of where it came from. Potential Profits: Do some trial rates and see what your local market accepts. You may find 50% or higher margins over Dealership pricing.


Most used car departments pay outside vendors to make cosmetic repairs on their cars. Do a free demo to get their business. Do half the car or damage area so the difference really stands out. Of course you must finish the other half after demonstrating the difference. Schedule weekly visits with used car managers. Normally stopping once a week, walk used car inventory, write down cars needing repairs including model, stock number color. Contact manager for approval.


Many Dealer Auctions offer services to dealers before and after purchases. Offer your services to the Recon Manager on a weekly bases. You may need to schedule more time prior to auction days. Rental Car Agencies lease the cars from manufacturers for a specific amount of time or mileage and then return them to the manufacturer. There are limits on allowable damage and penalties may result. Find out what those are and see if you can save them money. Damaged minimized enough to satisfy the manufacturers inspector is money in the Agency’s pocket. Repairs usually take place at a hub called a turn-back office or location.
Offer service to detail shops, dealership service drive, body shops, lube shops, etc. Make arrangements for them to sell the service at a specific price above your charge to them.
Potential Profits:
Estimated material cost per vehicle ......................................................................... $2.00 Labor
Time: 10 - 40 minutes.
Dealership used cars ...$15 - $100
Examples: Toyota Tacoma black wheel flares - 10 minutes ...$40
Jeep Grand Cherokee - mirrors, handles, bumpers, cladding - 35 min ..$75+

NOTE: Pricing and processes vary and it is advisable to do research into your local market .

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