Coronavirus, COVID-19 & PURESAFE Auto

Introducing Our New Federal EPA registered product 


In view of our pandemic I would like to introduce our new Federal EPA Registered product. Get in touch with us about availability in your state. 

PURESAFE has been EPA approved for use as a sanitizer / disinfectant for Automobile and many other surfaces including food contact surfaces. It is even approved for use on vegetables without the need to rinse.


I would like also to provide some information on PURESAFE that corresponds to COVID-19.


There are three classifications of viruses, listed below in order of resistance with a few examples:
1. Small non-enveloped (most resistant): Family Picornaviridae (hepatitis A, polio virus,
Human rhinovirus), Family Parvoviridae (parvo virus), others include foot & mouth
disease, Norovirus
2. Large non-enveloped: Family Adenoviridae (adeno viruses), others include rotavirus,
avian reovirus
3. Enveloped: Family Herpesviridae (herpes), Family Coronaviridae (SARS, Corona virus),
Family Poxviridae (small pox etc.)


If an antimicrobial can kill a small non-enveloped virus it should be able to kill large nonenveloped viruses and enveloped viruses. Similarly, if an antimicrobial can kill a large nonenveloped virus it should be able to kill enveloped viruses. Therefore, the product eligibility criteria is as follows:
1. The product must be EPA registered
2. The current label must have disinfectant claims against at least one of the following
A) The label must list at least one large or one small non-enveloped virus in order to be
eligible for use against an enveloped viral emerging pathogen.
B) The label must list at least one small non-enveloped virus in order to be eligible for
use against a large non-enveloped viral emerging pathogen.
C) The label must list at least two small non-enveloped viruses from two different
families in order to be eligible for use against a small non-enveloped viral emerging


COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2, an enveloped virus as stated above. Dvelup International's product PURESAFE (EPA Reg. No. 13838-15-96089) lists two viruses, Influenza A virus (an enveloped virus) and Human Rhinovirus 42 (a small non-enveloped virus)

It can be assumed that the product would be efficacious against the emerging viral pathogen, Corona Virus because it is an enveloped virus.

Ben Smith
VP, Dvelup International
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