Coronavirus, Face Masks? What They’re Not Telling Us?

Wear A Face Mask? What They're Not Telling Us!!!

Written 04/02/2020


I'm not a doctor or even in the medical profession but work in chemical R&D. Analyzing facts is a big part of my work which causes me to ask what's going on! What's going on with the advice we are getting. We go online, we watch the news, we listen for advice on how to protect ourselves from the new Coronavirus or COVID-19. But advice is always changing and sometimes contradictory. Also there is something THEY'RE NOT TELLING US!

What advice do we get? 


washing hands COVID-19

Wash hands, sanitize hands and avoid touching face have remained constant advice for protecting ourselves from getting COVID-19. I should not leave out, wear gloves, which doesn't help if you touch your face with your glove. This advice for the Coronavirus pandemic rings true to us because we already have been educated for decades on protecting ourselves from Flu viruses. 



However, since the Coronavirus is a new animal, The Beast some call it, what additional advice have we heard for COVID-19 prevention? We have all heard it, Social Distancing. Six feet apart is the rule. Yes, the Coronavirus loves us to be near each other since vapor droplets exhaled from a COVID-19 infected person can infect us. Since we've learned that some people can have COVID-19 and show little to no signs, asymptomatic, Coronavirus protection is even more problematic. So, Social Distancing ourselves from everyone makes even more since. BUT WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING US?  Well let's talk a little more about Social Distancing.



Is it really possible to completely practice Social Distancing and stay six feet apart at all times? Even with Coronavirus stay at home orders, most of us still have had go get essentials like groceries, fuel or medications. I haven't been in a grocery store with isles 10 feet wide so you can pass by someone and keep a six foot distance. We also pay the cashier within a few feet. Actually we may often find it impossible to keep the six feet rule and we hold our breath to quickly pass by someone.



Since Social Distancing is impossible 100% of the time what have many turned to? MASKS. But this Coronavirus advice has been a little unclear as to how well it protects us from COVID-19. The advice isn't consistent but changes as time goes along. I've heard the following in this order as time has progressed:


1. Wear a medical grade mask.
2. Wear any kind of mask
3. CDC says "if you are NOT sick, you do not need to wear a facemask unless you are caring for someone who is sick (and they are not able to wear a facemask)."
3. Then CDC says "cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others."
4. Masks don't do much for prevention but really keep you from spreading the Coronavirus if you already have COVID-19.
5. Back to: Wear a medical grade mask.
6. Wear a scarf, "Huh"



C'mon, let's look at the doctors. What do they wear and why are they wearing it? They wear masks. They wear mask not just to protect patients and other staff in case they have contracted COVID-19. They are attempting to protect themselves too. Of course being exposed all the time puts them at higher risk and some still get sick. So if your within six feet of someone, WEAR A MASK!


Hold on, that's not the end of it, WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING US? Is there some advice we are not getting. Just think about the possible entry routes for the Coronavirus to infect us. It is mouth, nose and EYES. Mask only cover two of the three entry points. They advise don't touch your eyes but what about those COVID-19 vapor droplets that your protecting your nose and mouth from. They could fall on your eyes just the same.


research data COVID-19

Well, you may say, there is no scientific data that protecting our eyes from Coronavirus droplets is necessary. Maybe not, however I have not found any test data that masks prevent this specific strain of Coronavirus from infecting a person either. Why is there advice to where a mask then? There is data and advice on other flu strains. Such as the American Academy of Opthalmology recommends protection for the mouth, nose and eyes when caring for patients potentially infected with SARS-CoV-2. As we know, SARS and MERS are two other deadly Coronaviruses



Chinese expert who came down with Wuhan coronavirus after saying it was controllable thinks he was infected through his EYES. South China Morning Post, Jan 23, 2020.



Photo By:

A leading Chinese respiratory expert who was infected by the Wuhan coronavirus while visiting the city last week said inadequate eye protection might have been the cause
“At that time we were highly vigilant and wore N95 masks,” he said. “But then I suddenly realized that we didn’t wear protective glasses.” He said that after he returned to Beijing, his left eye developed conjunctivitis and two to three hours later he started to come down with a fever and catarrh.
He finally took the test for 2019-nCoV, the World Health Organisation’s name for the Wuhan virus, and the result was positive. He said he initially thought he had the flu because he had not seen any Wuhan patients with conjunctivitis. Wang said the most likely explanation was that the virus had entered his body through his eyes.
South China Morning Post, Jan 23, 2020.


Posted JANUARY 23rd people. Why aren't we getting complete advice?

Yes it's a new strain but the data is exist from combating other flue strains so WHY AREN'T THEY TELLING US TO PROTECT OUR MOUTH, NOSE, AND EYES?
I don't know the answer. Stay Safe!

Ben Smith
VP, Dvelup International
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