HL Coat Dries Streaky ?

Why did my HL Sealer/HL Coat dry streaky or with lines?
There are four reasons why Clear Wipe will dry this way.

1. Hidden compound from polishing.

2. Applying to thin.

3. Excessive wiping.

4. HL Coat has thickened in container.

Below are more details on the 4 reasons:

1. Left over compound hidden application.  This will usually begin to show as HL Coat dries and look like gritty streaks.

2. HL Coat should be applied generously.  After wiping edges with corner of towel apply into HL Coat before proceeding down lens.  The lens should be very wet with HL Coat.

3. HL Coat should be applied quickly and generously, areas or runs.  Once it is applied it begins to dry so once applied discontinue wiping and allow time for it to level.  Cooler weather will give plenty of time for HL Coat to be applied.  As weather warms there is less time to apply.

4. HL Coat may accept small amounts of mineral spirits if it has not to far gone.  The most common cause of thickening is untightened caps.  For the best seal tightend thoroughly then rap bottom of cap tith electrical or teflon tape.  Near freezing or below temperature will cause thickening.  This is not due to solvent evaporation so thinning should not be done.  Storing containers in warmer locations will relieve thickening.

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