Who We Are

Dvelup Intl. or Dvelup AKA Dvelup Automotive Reconditioning Products is located in Hernando, Fl., known as the Nature Coast. .

We Manufacture and Distribute Products for the Automotive Reconditioning Professional. Our unique and superior products are what sets us apart from other automotive products. They're formulated to work smarter and not harder increasing revenues. Dvelup products are sold and distributed throughout the USA and International markets.
Since then we designed a new website https://puresafe.net along with a line of products to Sanitize and Disinfect for Automotive, Home, Pet, Office & Commercial application.

We formulate from raw chemicals for a superior result. Our formulation, mixing and packaging are completed on site for quicker turn around time and quality control. Dvelup is the first company to manufacture and bring to market Headlight Restoration Systems and “Wipe On Coating Application" process in the Automotive Reconditioning Market.

History at a Glance

We have been in the automotive reconditioning business for over 30 years.

We specialize in distribution, automotive products, service and business development.

Dvelup products and process were first tested and applied in the auto reconditioning market by professionals working in this field, for example, vendors in dealerships and auctions.

Field specialists were able to make quicker repairs, more profit and their final result was better than the conventional techniques.

The success of the formulation of our "Wipe On" products was established, tried and proven.

What would be our next Step?

Branding our name Dvelup and bringing our applications to showcase would be the next step to prove the legitimacy and unwavering quality of our products to others.

After launching our first 2-part Headlight Restore Kit, the reconditioning market accepted our idea and applications as a real way to service the automotive industry.

They comprehended the science behind Dvelup Automotive Products and saw the advantages of utilizing them.

Some of our products crossed into other markets with successful outcomes. Dvelup's R&D focused formulations for home, pet, office and commercial settings.

We thank our customers who steadfastly have upheld our organization.

Dvelup continues to evolve with new innovation and applications, "Bringing you tomorrows technology today".



Starting with Quality Raw materials is just one of many important steps for a superior product. From start to finish product quality is monitored.


Quality Raw Materials


Consistent Batch Testing


Low Waste Bottling


We're committed to keeping our earth clean.

Dvelup's process from batching to packaging produces little to no waste. This includes the recycling of wash line solvents and product recovery. We also reduce waste by eliminating disposal of headlights and other polluting repairs such as paint refinishing.


We developed a process for turning plastic drums into home and garden planters. These DIY steps produce durable and aesthetically pleasing plant containers which in turn leaves less disposal into local landfills.


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