Cure Time?

How can I speed up curing of the HL Sealer?

Cure time is effected by climate temperature and humdiity.  Higher temperatures and low humidity will give faster cure times.

Heat sources will speed curing.  Turning on headlight, household hair dryer or heat gun can work.  Care must be taken if using heat gun or other high heat sources as over heating can damage lens.  Only use if you are confident that you will avoid damaging areas recieving heat.

After heating for a couple of minutes allow to cool before checking for tackiness.  HL Sealer will still need some time after heating and cooling to get a surface dry.

The All new HL Lens Coat

HL Lens Coat is an air cure coating with a heat accelerating feature (HAF).  If you need a faster cure take advantage of the HAF by applying a heat source.  Any heat source such as summer sun, headlight high beams, hair dryer or heat gun will speed curing.  Care should be taken when using an external heat source so as not to damage lens or surrounding parts.
Allow to cool for 2-3 minutes.  When a lens is not sticky to the touch it is safe to drive.
NOTE:  After the initial surface cure their is a full cure period. Allow 30 days before washing or waxing.

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