Marketing Tips For Color Enhancer ?

Any suggestions on marketing Color Enhancer?

For a demo, treating half of a hood with CE and CE Shiner including any touch-up will really show the difference between before and after.

Instead of selling your service as a repair of individual spots, sell it as a treatment of all the painted surfaces.  Using CE and CE Shiner all over.

Use treatment of plastics and satin surfaces as an up-sell to your paint treatment .

Advertising HLR to car dealerships ?

Are free headlight restoration demo’s a good way to advertise to used car dealerships?

Sure.  However a more efficient approach, would be to have a demo light to carry with you.  Approach the manager with a light half restored.  You won’t be denied the chance to show him your work because you will have it right there with you.
It will also save you much time from doing no pay demo’s.

To prepare a demo light find a corroded one from a salvage yard or one from a body shop that has been damage on the back side (one they will throw away).  Mask off half of the light and restore just one side. Use a canvas bag to carry around so the restored side doesn’t get scratched up while in transit.


Mobile or Brick & Mortar ?

Do professionals usually set up a shop or prefer mobile service?
Both.  Some businesses already have a shop for other services such as detail, tire, lube, tinting, etc.  But many are mobile, servicing auto dealerships used car department, detail shops, body shops, and the public.

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