Dvelup Headlight Restoration

Many people get varying results with other over the counter headlight restoration kits. This is caused by the varying methods each kit uses. Most over the counter kits only possess a small portion of the steps needed to perform the headlight restoration and are lacking some very important steps. Our headlight restoration kit has these missing steps resulting in a high quality headlight finish on your lens which is substantially brighter than it was before the restoration. Our headlight restoration system utilizes Yellow X which helps remove corrosion and prepares the headlight as well as UV Headlight Sealer which seals the lens and protects the lens from the harmful UV rays of our sun. When you use our headlight restoration kit the first thing you will see is the lenses have that factory appearance from when the car was new. Let us first discuss some of the questions that we have received as well as talk about the facts.

Are all Headlight Restoration Systems the same?

No, in fact many of the headlight restoration kits out there are lacking some of the most crucial steps needed to produce the highest quality lenses possible. Some systems only clean the lens while others are only a cover up. The Dvelup headlight restoration system is a true repair and was designed for beginner as well as the veteran technician to perform a quality repair in the shortest amount of time.

Do Headlight Restoration Kits really work in 5 minutes?

The fact is, some repairs can be done in 5 minutes but not on most headlight lenses. Much depends on the severity of corrosion and the materials used to manufacture the lens. Take your time for the best results possible

Why do they not work as well for me as in the demonstrations I have seen?

Most headlight lenses today are polycarbonate and probably not what was repaired during a product demonstration of other headlight restoration kits you may have seen.

Headlight Restoration Demo

What sets us apart?

With Dvelup you get the best headlight resoration systems available which never cut corners simply to make a profit. You also will find straight forward information and support!

The Facts:

Deteriorated yellow hazy headlight lenses block light from exiting the lamp and diffuses the light beam from focus. Therefore restored headlight lenses make night driving safer. Also did you know that most state laws require that your headlights reach a distance of 150 feet? If not you could be placing you and your family in danger. Take a look a a news cast from WPTV Channel 5 for more details

Why Dvelup?

Dvelup's UV and weather resistant layer.

Close up UV damage With all headlight restoration systems, damage like this must be removed first.
Removing this yellow, hazy layer means removing the factory's UV layer that protects the vulnerable polycarbonate headlight lens from the elements. Without this layer the lens is subject to further deterioration or even cracking causing you to have to replace instead of repair the lens. Yellow X will help you with the removal of this corrosion and our UV Headlight Sealer will add back that factory seal that the lens needs to be protected from the elements.
Once the lens is clean applying the new layer is quick and simple.  
Look at the difference a new surface can make!   
Why use systems that only clean and not repair the lens?  


Quick Headlight Restoration Kit

The right tools and chemicals make the difference.
Don't waste a lot of time polishing, very little is needed if any at all. Our Clear Wipe Sealer will do the work for you.
Make it even easier with power tools designed for headlight restoration.


A headlights amazing clarity and shine does not result from extensive polishing of the headlight lens but the effect created by applying our UV Headlight Sealer. Polishing is finished in a couple of minutes. Applying UV Headlight Sealer to the headlight lens is simple, just wipe on and let cure.

Dvelup Support

We offer our business partners free Free Marketing Tools to print fliers and business cards.
We provide in-depth headlight restoration instructions.
With the initial kit we provide a Headlight Restoration Video Training DVD.
We also provide phone support for Headlight Restoration Questions.

4 Easy Steps

1. Remove Corrosion - Using Yellow X helps to soften and remove corrosion.
2. Polish - Formulated to use by hand or power polisher.
3. Prep - Cleaning with Yellow X preps the lens for protective layer.
4. Apply new UV Headlight Sealer Layer - Dvelup's protective finish is easy to apply. Just wipe on and let dry. This steps brings amazing clarity and shine to the lens.

For our Business Partners:

The Market:

Your largest customer will likely be service dealerships. Most used cars departments pay outside vendors to make cosmetic repairs on their cars such as headlight restoration. Schedule weekly visits with used car managers. Normally stopping once a week, walk used car inventory, write down cars needing headlight repairs including model, stock number color. Contact manager for approval.
Offer headlight service to detail shops, dealership service drive, body shops, lube shops, etc. Make arrangements for them to sell the headlight restoration service at a specific price above what you charge to them. And don't forget to advertise headlight restoration to the public.  Most people that own vehicles with faded lights are frustrated with the amount of light they actually give off. Many times this might involve mailers, flyers, advertising in the Yellow Pages.  You can also partner with your local detail shop/car wash to offer this service during certain times of the week.

Potential Profits:

Material cost per headlight pair ........................................................... $3.00
Labor Time: 10 - 40minutes.
Dealership used cars (per pair) ............................................................ $50 - $80.00
Headlight Restoration Resale (per pair) $70 - $95.00
(Service drives, detail shops, body shops, etc.)  
Retail headlight restoration charge ...................................................... $99.00 - $200.00